Spending one-on-one quality time with a professional who can help answer your questions can be a great way to resolve your problems.

Let me develop a workflow for your image capture and processing so you know exactly how to go about capturing and processing your images for stunning results every time.

In the camera:

1. Do you understand aperture, shutter and ISO for creative results?
2. Are your getting blurring images?
3. Are some images dark while others are overexposed?
4. Can you see light and how it effects your images?
5. Do you understand the elements and design rules of composition or have trouble seeing it in the field?

Image Processing:

1. Are your images too dark?
Learn to correct exposure issues and dynamic range (the range of tones in an image from black to white) and why it is needed.
2. Are your images flat?
Learn to add contrast and sharpening adjustments and why it is needed.
3. Do your images look OK on your monitor but flat and lifeless on the web or emails?
Learn how to resize and present for the web.
4. Are you unhappy with your prints?
Learn how to make prints the same as they do on your monitor.

Image Processing Software:

I teach on Photoshop, including RAW processing if this is your shooting method, and Photoplus (a freebie download that looks and works like Photoshop. I have some knowledge of Elements, Lightroom and Aperture.

While some of these software packages are more comprehensive than others, the processing workflow I can teach you will work with any of them - and can be translated to more sophisticated software should you subsequently decide to upgrade.


Hourly rate - $75.
Minimum private session – 2 hours
Travel costs – free within 10km radius of Kyneton, Vic otherwise half the standard hourly rate.
Daily rate - $400 for a 6 hour session. Any additional time is at the standard hourly rate.


Please use the Contact Form to arrange a suitable time and place.
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