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Understanding Histograms is essential to all processing

Course Dates:

I have changed the format of this workshop from a one day course to two half days because there is so much in it I feel students get brain overload and do not take it all in.

I also teach this series of lectures at Macedon Ranges Further Education, Gisborne on a Monday night. Each session is 2 1/2 hours and the series runs for 5 weeks. You can contact them on (03) 5428 3799 if you would like to arrange a place in he class.

Sessions will run from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm.

Week 1 - If you would like to get two friends (min 3 people - max 6 people) I will arrange a dates to suit you.
Week 2 - TBA

Location: Kyneton, Vic

Price = $225 per person; includes both days. Lunch at your own expense at a local café/bakery.
We capture to get the best exposure we can in camera.
We process for quality output.

Some knowledge in post production is an integral part of the digital workflow and, as an aside, an understanding of post production issues will assist with getting your exposures right in camera by better understanding histograms and the important role they play in digital capture and processing.

The course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of what photographers need to know - not fancy tricks.

This workshop uses very good quality freebie download software that looks and operates the same as Photoshop; the visual interface and keystokes are the same. If you have Photoshop loaded on your laptop and want to use that then bring it along, it will work fine.

You will learn: -

• Many ways to adjust the exposure of your image
• Learn where the tones actually fall in the image and how to move them for better tonal balance.
• Add contrast and sharpen an image (essential for all digital capture no matter how expensive your camera is)
• Learn to work with Layers
• Learn to select subjects, copy and paste, replace skies
• Learn to straighten horizons and leaning buildings
• Convert to B&W
• Resize for web applications; and more

An added benefit is no additional costs for a quality program to get started.

One limitation - it does not work on Macs but if you plan to use Photoshop then, as I mentioned above, the visual interface and key stokes are the same.

I have chosen this because of its great on-screen help information so you won't forget what you have learned. Moving up when you are ready is easy but you will find this will do most of what you need.

Minimum of 3 with a maximum of 6 participants.

Please use the Contact form to book your place.
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