Melbourne has some magnificent architecture, laneways and streetscapes that are perfect for the camera. Iconic Melbourne.

This one day practical workshop will look at how to take sharp images hand held, study lighting issues in relation to excessive amounts of brightness and darkness in the one image (dynamic range) and discuss problems with using Auto White Balance. Your Auto White Balance setting just doesn’t do it in some of these environments where you have a mix of incandescent, fluorescent, neon and daylight all in the one shot.

Once you move into the street we will be talking about issues of lens distortions that see buildings lean back and inwards.

People are the essence of street life in Melbourne. We cannot ask them to leave so we will look at ways to make their presence work for us.

We will gather at 9.00am in a cafe to meet and greet and lay out the plans for the day. A coffee (or other drink) will await you on arrival. We will follow a route through Melbourne’s arcades, laneways and buildings in search of those magical images. We will stop for a light lunch on the way and finish around 4.00pm for a coffee and chat to wrap the day.

Price: $150 (including coffee on arrival)

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